Oorhandiging by ACVV Moreson Kinderhuis in George 29-11-2016 vir die opgradering van hul swembad

The Southern Cape Old Car Club ensured that Christmas came early this year for the kids of the ACVV Môreson Children’s Home.

The swimming pool of the children’s home could not be used for the last few months as there were no funds available to make the necessary alterations.

Phillip Rosser, Chris van Staden, Ronell Lindholm and Ilze Koorts

When the Southern Cape Old Car Club found out about the situation they donated the amount needed to fix the pool.

This means that the children will be able to enjoy the pool during the hot summer holiday!

These pictures were taken during the presentation of the donation on Tuesday 29 November 2016 at the ACVV Môreson Children’s Home in George.

Chris van Staden and Ronell Lindholm